Friday, August 22, 2014

Have a Heart

On August 10, my brother-in-law was out celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary with his wife.  In the middle of dinner, he received a call from his heart surgeon.  He had two hours to get to the hospital as a donor heart was available.

Jason received his new heart, but he has experienced many complications and is still in the ICU.  His family could really use the help right now.  If you'd like to read about his family and make a donation, click here.

Thank you.


  1. I'll add Jason's name to my prayer list… I hope his complications diminish and he recovers quickly.

    1. I just went over to read about Jason… it's hard to know what to say…
      I'll check back for an update, in the meantime I'll keep my prayers going.

  2. Thoughts with you all from Ireland.


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