Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for...

Mad Men Made Me Miss My Post

I know, excuses excuses.  I usually have my blog post written the night before, but it totally slipped my mind.  We can blame it on this man.

And now I've got the Monday to-do list to conquer, so you will just have to accept this as my M post.  

So, did you watch last night?  Megan had a miscarriage.  I could probably have written about that, but I've written a lot on miscarriage on this blog.  

Happy Monday!  Tomorrow I will do a proper "N" post.


  1. I've heard worse excuses. :D
    Finally got to you on the AtoZ list


  2. I have never watched this show. Now I know what all the people who never watched Downton Abbey felt like :(


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