Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for...


Laconic means to use few words.  Laconic is also a 7 letter word that has the potential to score you big points in the game of Scrabble.  If I were to write the laconic version of my book, it would be this...

Middle-aged chick with little experience of grief or loss explores death professions and it freaks her out, but she lives through it.

Guess what?  It's National

So what are you doing still looking at this post?  Go grab the box from that shelf in your closet, gather some friends, make a few mixed drinks and some snacks and have some fun!  


  1. Does Words with Friends count? It is the only on line game I have any interest in playing. It's scrabble but in your own time. I hae about 12 or 14 games going - some wth friends, some with sibs, but I spend maybe a total of 15 minutes a day playing - fun and relaxing - and I get a connection with those people.:)

  2. I used to play the online Scrabble game with my Aunt before she passed. Much fun!

  3. awh and I missed NSD - will have to play today :)


  4. I hadn't played scrabble for years until Words with Friends came out on my phone. Good game for writers to keep the brain ticking over.


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