Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for...

There are good habits and there are bad habits.  Currently, I am trying to incorporate a few good habits into my life so that I will be happier and healthier as I sprint towards the finish line.  One of these habits is running.  Let me backtrack here for a second.  I used to be a smoker and I'm talking a heavy, two pack a day chain smoker.  On a good day, I had the lung capacity of a hamster.  But, I was able to kick that cigarette addiction a few years back  with the assistance of nicotine lozenges.  I started out with Commit, but found that I liked the Wal Mart generic variety because they were cheaper and tasted more like candy.  And guess what?  I am now thoroughly addicted to the lozenges.  Like a nincompoop, I disregarded the right way to quit.  Ya know, like in three months with a gradual decrease in the nicotine consumed.  

Every day, I pop those tasty little lozenges like they were Altoids.  I drink with them.  I sleep with them.  I eat one right after eating.  In other words, they have become another nasty, expensive habit that I need to break.  Like today.  

Yes, you heard me right. Today I am cutting them out cold turkey like I should have done with the cancer sticks two years ago.  Goodbye weekly $30 box of nicotine and Hello, .99 bag of Atomic Fireballs!

Let's see if I have any teeth left by next week.  So, back to running.  I decided to run a 5k a few months back so I did the Couch to 5K app on my phone.  At first it was really tough, but after I hit some magic moment on that treadmill, I began to love it.  Each day I walked out of the gym floating on air.  Endorphins rock!  And accomplishing a goal rocks too.  My 5k is June 1.  We'll see if I can actually run outside with wind blowing and Texas heat and humidity assaulting my senses.

So, the other habit I'm trying to incorporate into my life is writing on a daily basis.  I'm one of those writers who sits down when the mood strikes and lately, well, the mood hasn't been striking.  And I've got to finish this book so that the editor that I'm paying actually has a story to rip apart.  It's got to have a beginning, a middle and an end.  And it's got to make sense.  And she needs it April 20th.  Yes, I have 290 pages.  Yes, it's book length, but does it flow?  Is there a narrative arc?  Will people care?  I have no idea.  I'm so lost and so so distracted.

Which brings me to the A to Z blog challenge.  I thought very deeply today about throwing in the towel and giving up. Heck, nobody would really notice.  But then, I thought, wait a second, this is daily writing.  And it is a good habit.  But then I thought, well it's not really fair to the people who visit my blog and I don't respond and visit their blog because I get distracted and stop writing on the project that is closest to my heart.  So, this is what I decided on.  I will post every day.  If you post a comment, you're a saint.  You are getting some seriously good Kharma by doing so.  Your reward will be delayed, however.  I will visit your blog and sing your praises on April 21.  In fact, the last week of April will be a marathon of blog hopping.  

I know it's unconventional.  I know it's sort of lame.  But, what can I say?  Sometimes we have to put ourselves first.

I wish you all great success.  If you want to hear me bitch and complain till April 20, stop on in.  The door is always open.


  1. You rock, Pamela! I just like to read what you write. You post interesting stuff - often inspiring. Write on!
    As for habits.... I have never smoked (nicotine) but I can imagine that it is a bitch to quit. Good for you to do that and now to transition to a cheaper oral fixation! I was a runner for a good 25 years - loved that endorphin release - but knees have squelched that. Replaced running with bicycling and walking - not quite the same but good enough. I would like to be a daily writer but,hey, life is complicated and full. Maybe someday....

  2. Blogging is a great habit. It's writing practice. It's a deadline. It's using your voice. All good things! But the commenting is time-consuming! Please, no need to come comment, you know where to find me if you need me. :)

    Wishing you every success with the nicotine, the editing and the A to Z!

  3. I love reading your blog every day! this a-z has been interesting and your topics have been very surprising.
    As for the running, good luck on June 1st! I'll be praying for nice cold Texas day.

  4. Wow - 5k is quite a motivator, I'd imagine. I couldn't run for the bus at the moment. Good luck with kicking the lozenge habit - you seem so determined, I'm sure you'll do it.
    I'll look forward to checking in and seeing how you are getting on. I think once I'm back at work on Thursday, my time to blog-hop and comment will get that much more limited too, so I totally understand your point.
    Stay focussed and thank you for all your support of my new blog! I'm sure everyone will understand your decision and I'm glad you will still be posting :0)

  5. I used to be one of those writers, too. But now I belong to a group where I owe a dollar for each day I don't write. No exceptions. It's funny how motivating loss of money can be.

  6. A very intriguing blog site. I'm curious so I'm following. I'd love to read more about your blog theme.

    From A to Z Challenge,
    Sonnia J. Kemmer

  7. Hmm this seems very reminiscent of the incident I just had, and you gave me the advice of "sitting down and doing it" or along those lines.

    I am glad you didn't decide to throw in the towel. You are right, doing the blogging is writing every day, but like yourself I worried about it distracting from the other writing I wanted to be doing.

    Hope you keep up the A to Z and good luck with the breaking of the bad habit. That was a great H topic to highlight. And kudos to having quit cigs (even with replacing the habit with another) and joining the 5k! I wanted to join one myself, but didn't register in time :(

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  8. Pam, I'm proud of you for dumping the smokes, impressed that you're giving up the nicotine and in awe that you're even thinking about running.
    I've had a love affair with my cigarettes for a long, long time...my little buddy friends...I'm giving them up this month. Being a former medic tho, I believe in "better living through chemistry." So I got my Doctor to write me a Rx for welbutrin, an anti depressant that helps you quite smoking. I anticipated being depressed when I say goodbye to my little friends, so I hope i'm covering all bases.
    As far as writing everyday, I'm a go with the flow-er person too. Again, I have high hopes for the antidepressants.
    Since I had a bone tumor taken out of my femur, running is out, actually it's always been out because I hate running. Swimming is my preferred mode of transportation now, I even entered a 5K floating marathon with a group of Manatee's.
    If you cheer me on...I'll cheer you on, OK? Just click some rocks together underwater and I'll know it's you.


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