Saturday, August 18, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Yesterday was my birthday, which always seems to coincide with the beginning of school and the shocked realization that the plans I had at the beginning of summer break didn't quite pan out.  So, now I've got exactly one week to help my son with his math skills (if I can find those flash cards I bought for fifty cents at Thrift Town back in May) and convince my daughter that sports are really fun (and proving it by taking her to an outdoor basketball court or some other sports like place so that she'll become the female Michael Jordan at tryouts for the Junior High basketball team) but it's really hot outside and I feel more inclined to simply let it be.

So, what did we do this summer?
My son learned to swim.  Well, sort of.
I worked on keeping this blog up and running.  I did not work on my manuscript as planned.  Having two kids around at all times is sort of a distraction.

I took my kids to the library every week like clockwork and participated in the summer reading program.  While it's true they spent most of their time in front of the TV or the computer, they also did a lot of reading. Last week, I was called by the library and informed that I won a Kindle and that my daughter won a gift card to Wal Mart.  I was shocked and sort of pleasantly surprised, despite the fact that I always said I'd never buy an E reader.  Well, technically, I didn't buy it.  I still plan to buy books that are made with paper and I'll use the Kindle for library check-outs.  Speaking of which, I just finished "11/22/63" by Stephen King. Loved it!

We did not go on any fancy vacations, but we did manage to go visit my Mom and her husband for a week last month.  It was a nice visit and we all got to attend a cousin's wedding.  I don't get to go to many of those in this decade of my life.

On the consumer level, we are ready for school to start.  My kids both have a new pair of tennis shoes, lunch bags and a few new articles of clothing so they feel spiffy.  I am ready for the routine, but I don't think any of us are ready for the 6:30 alarm to ring.

What did you do on your summer vacation?  Anything exciting?


  1. Don't feel bad, Pamela. I didn't do anything I'd planned. We didn't take a vacation. My kids didn't read (don't tell anybody). They watched TV and played electronic games all summer. My oldest totalled her car, so we both used my car. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer, so I spent a good part of the summer taking her to treatments. And I didn't write a thing.

    The results: my kids were pumped and ready for school. My son is doing VERY well, so obviously, the break from all things academic was needed. My oldest got a BRAND NEW CAR, courtesy of our wonderful insurance company. I got to spend quality time with my aunt and a few of my cousins. And after taking a break from my writing, I was able to see one of my manuscripts in a new light and was ready to revise. So, taking a summer break and doing "nothing" isn't all bad.

    Plus, YOU got a new Kindle. Congrats! Trust me, once you start reading e-books, you will love it. :)

    1. You're right. Sometimes we all just need a break from stuff, especially math:)
      That's awesome you got to spend time with family and that your totaled car was replaced.
      I'm going to the library to return the King book, so I'm going to check something out on the Kindle. It's scary and exciting and who knows, I may indeed love it.

    2. Heya Linda! LOVE your attitude - okay , summer may not have gone as you planned but we all know about plans. It sounds like what needed to happen , happened - even if you didn't know that it needed to happen at the time - amazing how that works --

  2. Congrats on winning the Kindle and for having your kids participate in the library summer reading program, that is a great thing to do over summer to keep up on reading. My kids are grown, but we spent many a summer not doing much and watching a lot of TV, but sometimes the break is good like that. Our days of summer vacation are over like these, so enjoy them as long as you can, the kids seem to grow so quickly these days. May the next year of school be a good one for them!


  3. Actually, your summer vacation sounds pretty good! As mentioned, we need a break from time to time. My summer was filled with Ramadan and a few tourists. Ramadan is rough when it falls in the summer months, let me tell you! The deaths of two family members and a very close friend made it a rather memorable season, as well. The family member's deaths had been long expected, but the friend was sudden. In my mind, he was meant to have been eternal...

  4. I think of my summer as a slow summer that went by FAST. I say slow b/c that's how I approached my days - all 49 of them - each day was mine, all mine. I guess my days are always mine but it doesn't feel like that in the work year! They were slow because I got to read and nap and do some writing. I got to visit with some family members and help my mom as she approaches her 90th birthday. Sadly, we buried her brother but I was able to be there with and for her during those hard weeks. I got to wrap myself in silence a lot. Yay for silence. But I am recharged to see my kids again - all 460 of them!

    1. Have fun seeing all your kids! I am so excited for my kids going back to school and not just because I want them out of my hair. I love school. I wish I was going back.

  5. Hey, Pamela! A while back you were thinking about using a mentor for your book. My Gouhcer MFA thesis was published in 2003, and I've done a great deal of mentoring since then. I also have more than a passing familiarity with death and spirituality. If you're on facebook, Friend me and we can message each other about it.


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