Friday, April 27, 2012

Y is for...


I'll be honest.  I am writing this post sort of late in the day under the influence of a few drinks.  It is Friday, after all!  And it's after five-o'clock, so it's all good.  Y is a challenging one for me.  I was just going to write "You are going to die one day."  And that was going to be the whole post, but I had a feeling that that might be perceived as rather cold and that isn't the impression I want to leave you with when we're almost done with the challenge.

So, then I pulled out my trusty dictionary and started perusing through the words and "yucky" stuck out.  Why?  Well, sometimes death can be yucky, especially for the ones who have to deal with the aftermath.  I followed a crew of firefighters for about three months (only went on three calls because I am the white cloud) and I heard tales of "stinkers," or people who have died and nobody finds them for awhile. I hate to break it to you, but after we die, we smell REALLY BAD after a few days of decomposition. Not even a "stick up" is going to help.

I also interviewed a bio-hazard cleaner.  He showed me the difference between a hand gun and a shotgun and what it did to a room.  He didn't want anyone to end their life, but if they did, he would prefer that they use a handgun.  I saw the difference.  One room maintained an air of tidiness, while the other looked like Jackson Pollock had a can of red paint and went nuts on it.

Okay, enjoy your breakfast or lunch or dinner or whatever.  Take time to smell the roses.  And have a bitchin' summer!
And this is why Pamela shouldn't drink and blog.


  1. Slightly tipsy blog posts are the best!
    Possible even moreso when the person admits they're PWD (Posting While Drinking).

    I've seen TV programs in the past involving reconstructions with point blank shotgun shots. It's not pretty. Not pretty at all ...


    1. Yeah, it was pretty difficult to look at those photos because it wasn't just blood, but brain matter, etc. One guy I spoke with talked about entering a suicide scene and the person's face was stuck up on the ceiling. I was like, how can you do this job? I would have nightmares.

    2. His face was on the ceiling?

      That is probably one of the worst images I've ever had!

      What was his response?

      I genuinly have no idea how you could do something like that and still be sane afterwards.

    3. He said it was very surreal and sad and he was afraid that it was going to fall on him. This guy was not there to clean up the scene. He was assisting the coroner.

  2. So it's only fair to warn you that I am writing this after a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday night. A drink or two on Friday night? Hate to say it, but the thought of it sure helps me get through the rest of the week.....
    I also think it would have been okay to write: "You are all going to die one day." Nice to be reminded. Really, it is.
    What's the white cloud?
    I really like your blog.

    1. Well, Gracie, I think you might be somewhat alone in that sentiment, at least as far as my readership goes. But, maybe it's because you're a baby boomer. Your generation wants to be informed and wants to take charge. I think my generation thinks they are forever young and will never die. And the millenials, lord help them. They just want to live with their parents for as long as possible.
      A white cloud in regards to EMTs is someone who never goes on the really bad calls. Seriously, whenever I showed up at the station nothing happened. The minute I left, they had major action. I was constantly informed of everything I missed. But, I was working a full time job at the time, so I could only hang out in the evening and on weekends. I kept the people of my hometown safe as long as I was at the station. It was a weird position to be in--to wait and want to experience a really traumatic call. Now, I'm glad I was spared. I think it all worked out the way it was supposed to.
      And thank you for saying you like my blog. Tell your friends:)

    2. YOu are likely correct on the generational thing - I never thought much about it when I was in my 20's or 30's - it was way out there and I was so far removed. Not so much anymore. Now, I find myself wondering often if I am using my time well. Tough to say.

  3. I must try drinking and blogging-- I mean after getting shozzled. I was traveling most of this week---so a lot of the posts were last minute.

    1. If I was really three sheets to the wind, I wouldn't have been able to even compose what I did. I was mildly buzzed. I kind of like to keep my wits about me since I am writing about a pretty serious topic. But, adding a little levity into the mix never hurt. A spoonful of sugar (and vodka) helps the medicine go down:)


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