Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why didn't Mrs. Puckett get a hug?

I'm not here to minimize the grief or heartache that Mrs. Hatten has gone through with this post.  My question is directed at the MDOC and Governor Bryant. Why do you choose to only show compassion for the victim's family when you are creating more victims with the death penalty?  Isn't Mrs. Puckett losing her beloved son?  Doesn't she deserve some compassion too?

Think about it.


  1. He probably kissed a baby (photo op) right afterwards.

  2. Well, it's all just a show--a very disturbing show. The death penalty is disturbing enough, but to treat the man or woman's family as if they are guilty as well is wrong.
    It's bad enough to lose someone, but it's even worse to be made to feel as if grieving that loss is wrong or shameful because of how they died.

  3. Pam - those men, Christopher Epps, Governor Bryant and the so called humans who carried out the execution of Matt mean nothing to me. I would not have let him touch me anyway. He was all for putting on the show and the politicians in MS were willing to play along. I loved my Matt and I believed in his innocence. In spite of the prison system, Matt grew into an amazing young man with more compassion and intelligence than you would get if you lumped all those men together. He became "somebody" in spite of them and that in itself is a testament to what kind of person he really was. I will not let him be forgotten and I don't care what other people think of me or Matt.


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