Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen Has Left the Building

To get a tiger blood transplant.  Okay, I admit it.  That was mean.  Despite the name of this here blog, I don't wish anything tragic to happen to Mr. Sheen.  I just don't think he deserves all this attention for being a prostitute loving, drug addicted, nutcase.  I guess we can blame his handlers, who obviously understand the power of social media. Charlie is bigger than, dare I say it, Elvis.  And we all know how that ended.  On the commode.  Not a good way to go.

Move over Charlie. Go to rehab.  Or take a nap for a few hours.  Leave a little room on major news outlets for the real news of the world.

Speaking of which, I have some exciting news to share.  I will be guest blogging about the Alternative Spring Break going on in Austin next week for the Dallas Morning News on their death penalty blog.
You know what would be really cool?  If you turned out Charlie and turned on to changing the world. I don't care which side of the fence you're on. I want an intelligent, public discourse on this issue.

Did I mention I think you're really cool for stopping by my blog? And since I'm already attempting to butter you up so you'll follow me elsewhere, have I mentioned that you are...
  • A rare person.  Last time I checked, like say 5 minutes ago, there were 25 of you.
  • Thoughtful.  You'd have to be because death is a pretty serious issue.
  • Smart.  If you can correctly spell my last name, you've already proven to me that you're a card carrying member of MENSA or that you've lived in Norway at some time in your life.
  • Friendly.  Remember that old Faberge commercial about telling two friends, and so on, and so on?  Go on now.  Be fruitful.  Multiply.  Tell your friends about me.  Good things will happen.  I promise.


  1. All I know about CS are the comments on facebook - people saying "enough already". Can you tell I live in Bayfield, get my news on NPR and haven't been to the dentist in ages (that's when I get to read People magazine.) I think I might need to schedule a check up - I'm still worrying about Brittany's haircut.

  2. And that's why you're such a lovely, creative person.


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