Friday, September 18, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Today, a fellow Goucherite Ly Nguyen posted a blog entry on Facebook that got some people talking about postmortem photography.  This used to be a very common practice, but in 2009, a lot of people think it's creepy and morbid.

For my manuscript, I interviewed a woman who volunteers for an organization called  She is a photographer who takes pictures of babies who have died during birth.  The photographers who volunteer for this organization are amazing.  They are providing a valuable service to families who are in the deepest depths of grief.

I encourage everyone to go to their site to check it out.  Please watch the video on the About Us page.  Turn the sound on your computer up and listen to the lyrics.  Have some tissue at the ready.  I promise it is not gross or disturbing.  It's actually very tasteful and beautifully rendered art photography.


  1. I thought the pictures were beautiful and amazing. If I lost a baby I'd want a photograph!

  2. I know. I think they are such an amazing organization.

  3. Jude Law plays a postmortem photography in Road to Perdition (he's also an assassin) but until I watched that movie I was unaware that at one time, people really did that.

  4. Interesting. I wouldn't mind if Jude Law wanted to take my pic:)

  5. Somehow I missed Ly's blog post. For me this would be a religious issue. I know, token Jew speaking. You may already know this but one of the reasons Jews don't have wakes is because we believe it's disrespectful to the dead...they can't look back at you. At least that's what I was taught. So taking a picture of the dead would be like constantly looking at this person who couldn't look back at that moment any longer. You could argue that people die well after pictures are taken and we still look at them, but I think there's a difference. That's just me. There are, of course, exceptions to be made for situations such as crime, etc. I wouldn't want a photo of anyone dead, baby or not. I'd rather remember somebody in life than in death even if he/she was a stillborn. That, again, is just me.


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