Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There is something about the presence of a cat that seems to take the bite out of being alone.  ~Louis J. Camuti

      After failing at my first attempt at college, I was once again living with my mother.  She was not particularly happy about this arrangement and was counting the days until I would get my shit together and get the hell out of her two- bedroom condo.  Instead of leaving, I dug in my heels and adopted a cat.  There was an ad in the paper under animals that stated in bold dramatic typeface, “Adopt or Die!”  My, god, I thought, I must save this poor animal from a cruel and untimely demise.  The truth was, I was lonely.  Somehow I thought that adopting a cute little needy kitty would fill the void left by my first boyfriend.
     I immediately drove to the house to check out the death row kitties.  They were five of them, all black and spastic, clamoring for my attention on the living room floor.  That is, all except one.  He was cool and ambivalent about my presence.  He couldn’t even bring himself to look at me.  Like the men I was attracted to at the time, he was perfect.  You don’t want me?  Well guess what Mr. Nonchalance, I’m going to take your flea ridden ass home and make you like me. 
     Our first night together wasn’t the greatest.  He hid under my bed and tried to swipe at my ankles every time I passed by.  The only time he wanted to be near me was when I began eating my mom’s tuna casserole as a smelly enticement to come hither. Upon sniffing the aroma of my odorous dinner, he clawed his way up the white eyelet bedspread and proceeded to bat the fork out of my hand, causing tuna and noodles to fly across my room.  Our love affair began.

Spooky aka "Pooty"
March 1989 - September 22, 2009


  1. RIP Spooky!! I'm sorry, Pamela. Death is a hard goodbye to say.

  2. That's a fantastic story. He lived a long life with a fabulous human. I always say that losing a pet is often harder than losing a relative because you live with him/her and care for him/her. That cat/dog/rat/etc. becomes your best friend or child. You should write about Spooky-Pooky in your manuscript as part of the intro or preface, maybe an epilogue? Or dedicate the book to him. He may be a cat, but does that really matter? I send you hugs, be you huggy or not.

  3. Believe me, I've had four cats and I've lost them all in the past three years, so they are in the manuscript. I even said that their deaths have impacted me more than the death of my grandma. They are like children.

  4. What a nice eulogy for Spooky. I am so very sorry for your loss. It sounds like your grief will contain more than simply the loss of an old friend, but the memories that he shared with you

  5. I have a lot of fond memories of that cat. He was a very cool animal.


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