Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's a loaded question, but...

What do you think of the death penalty? Please take a moment to vote. It's completely anonymous, so I won't know which side of the fence you're on.

Why am I asking? Well, two stops down on this journey, I'm going to be writing about death row in Texas and some people who are associated with it.

I'm not quite sure where I stand. I've never lost someone to an act of violence. If a person killed someone I loved, what would I want their punishment to be? I don't know. I've looked at a lot of inmates and their crimes and I still can't make up my mind. On the one hand, there's the saying, "an eye for an eye makes everybody blind." But, there is also true evil with out an iota of remorse. Do they deserve to sit in a cell and eat three squares a day with an hour of sunshine and recreation?

What do you think? Be vocal. Or just vote in my poll. Pretty please with a cherry on top.


  1. I don't believe in the death penalty because I believe God is in charge of life and death. On a more earthly opinion, the death penalty costs the taxpayers much more than a life with no parole because the death penalty folks are allowed to appeal for many years. Not only do they clog up our courts but cost the taxpayers unnecessary bucks. Let them sit in a cell and contemplate their crime!!

  2. It seems totally barbaric to me, I can't believe we can ever justify taking somebody's life. It's the first commandment and I don't think it's ever morally just. Plus, if even ONE TIME it turns out to be a mistake, where does that leave us? Just my 2c worth, Brenda

  3. Brenda, I'm so pleased you posted on my blog!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's much appreciated.


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